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Beyond the Hype: Practical Tips for Selecting AI Tools

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Best Practices for AI Tool Selection

A lot of people have been asking us which AI tools we use and how we keep up with all the options out there. But I think there's a more critical question we should be asking.

What do you aim to achieve with AI tools, and how can they best serve your goals?

Selecting AI tools is less about availability and more about how they fit with your aspirations.

Here are our 3 best practices when selecting AI tools:

1.       Self-Empowerment is Key 

Understand the fundamentals—how AI works, why it works, and how to troubleshoot when things go awry. Mastery of prompting, which I cover extensively in my three-hour class, is essential. For most users, this knowledge is more than enough to effectively use AI, fostering independence from any particular tool and allowing for creative freedom without the constraints of predefined setups.

2.      Value Your Time 

Once you grasp the basics, avoid the trap of perpetually learning new tools. Instead, pinpoint exactly why you need a particular tool—what are your goals? Assess the product's features thoroughly to ensure they meet your specific needs. Solid customer support is crucial to guide you and address your inquiries. Steer clear of the temptation to juggle multiple accounts or experiment with numerous tools merely for experimentation's sake (unless that's your thing). Remember, the grass might seem greener on the other side, but frequent switching is a productivity killer. So is a company that forces you to jump through hoops to find that customer service number or email.

3.     Bet on the Big Players 

Focus on the established GenAI players who are likely to stick around and have the funding to sustain innovation. Innovation in GenAI doesn't come cheap—experimentation, computing power, and even the electricity to run these systems carry hefty costs. Opting for proven leaders in the field generally yields better long-term results.

What other criteria should be on my radar? Drop your suggestions below or share this post if you found it helpful! 🚀

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