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The Balanced Art of Creating with GenAI

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In the digital age, there's a prevailing misconception that everything should be either painstakingly manual or instantaneously automated. But, as I recently discovered while creating my first newsletter with GenAI, the most effective approach usually lies somewhere in the middle.


Utilizing GenAI purely for speed, without adding personal insights, is akin to cutting corners—it's lazy and seldom adds value. On the other hand, rigidly sticking to manual processes raises questions about efficiency and whether that time could be better spent.


The Reality of Working with GenAI

I recently finished my first newsletter after delaying it for months, and this comes from someone who is well-versed in the automation possibilities with GenAI. The result? I was disappointed that it wasn't as quick as many of us think GenAI should enable. For those who know me, you know I am uncompromising in terms of the quality of work I deliver. The result took longer than I would have liked, BUT it allowed me to deliver more than I ever could with the same amount of time spent on it manually. I am convinced that co-piloting with GenAI helped me deliver a higher quality product than if I had done it the "old" way.


Practical Example: Video Editing with GenAI

Take video editing as an example (check out my digital avatar with the newsletter). With zero skills in this area, just preparing, filming, and editing a short introductory message could have been a daunting, hours-long endeavor. Thanks to GenAI, this process was dramatically expedited, allowing me to focus on delivering my message rather than getting bogged down by technicalities. And everyone gets a warm intro from me (well, my avatar) when they read my newsletter.


The Future of Work with AI

For those who lean on tools like ChatGPT to automate every aspect of their work without thoughtful intervention, the future might be challenging. Conversely, those skeptical of any AI assistance may soon face the hard truth about its potential.


In embracing GenAI as a partner rather than a replacement, I’ve redefined the process of newsletter creation, achieving faster outputs without compromising on the richness and precision of the content. [Check out my newsletter here!]


Leveraging technology wisely is not about replacing the human touch—it's about enhancing it.

What are your thoughts on balancing manual creativity with AI assistance? Could your current projects benefit from this approach?

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