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ChatGPT & AI - Images, Clones, and GPTs

This course can no longer be booked.

Beyond Chat: Mastering AI Images, Clones & Extensions

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Service Description

Overview Expanding upon our 1st training session, this class is crafted to enhance your capabilities in integrating advanced AI tools into your business. You will not only discover ways to improve workflow efficiency through ChatGPT custom GPT models but will also have the opportunity to consider how these innovations could serve as additional offerings for your clients. This session is structured to provide you with the necessary tools to develop solutions that are uniquely suited to your business requirements. As we explore further, you will gain hands-on experience in creating custom images with DALL-E, enhancing your ability to produce visually compelling content. In addition, we will navigate the intriguing world of voice and avatar cloning, broadening the scope for customer interaction and service customization. While a ChatGPT Plus subscription, priced at $20 per month, is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to maximize the benefits from the course exercises and the capabilities of ChatGPT. Prerequisites You must have working knowledge of ChatGPT to participate in this session. For voice and avatar cloning exercises, you will need to set up an account at ElevenLabs and HeyGen, two of the most trusted cloning tools on the market today. What You’ll Learn • Image Creation with DALL-E: Discover how to generate custom images using DALL-E, including mastering the prompting feature and parameter adjustments to suit business needs. • Voice and Avatar Cloning Techniques: Learn the process of creating voice and avatar clones with AI tools, which can be used for enhancing customer engagement and personalizing business services. • Using and Developing Custom GPT Solutions: Gain skills in using or creating custom GPT models tailored to the unique needs of your business, and explore the potential of offering these as a value-added service to clients. Why This Course • Hands-on Learning: Engage in practical exercises and explore real-world applications for a hands-on learning experience that resonates and endures. • Organized Curriculum: Progress from beginner to proficient with a structured curriculum designed to pave your path to success. • Professional Expertise: Benefit from the wisdom and mistakes of an AI practitioner with more than 20 years of experience in artificial intelligence. • Transform Your Career/Business: Elevate your skill set or personal knowledge with this course

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