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Analytics and Generative AI
Consulting and Upskilling

Proven expertise you need to understand business use cases and accelerate business results


Make AI Work for You


AI Strategy and Roadmap Development

We work closely with you to develop a bespoke AI strategy that aligns seamlessly with your business goals. By thoroughly analyzing your current operations, we identify key areas for AI integration and collaboratively create a strategic AI roadmap. This approach positions AI as a cornerstone of your business's growth and innovation, charting a clear course for strategic AI implementation.


AI Use Cases Identification and Feasibility Assessment

Our team specializes in pinpointing potential generative AI use cases within your organization. Through comprehensive feasibility studies, we evaluate the practicality and potential impact of these AI solutions, equipping you with the knowledge to make well-informed decisions.


Business Impact Analysis

We delve into the potential impact of your AI initiatives, helping you forecast the expected ROI, efficiency improvements, and market advantages. This analysis is crucial for prioritizing AI projects based on their potential business value. Our interactive sessions will explore AI's role in ideation, prototyping, and market analysis, demonstrating how AI can accelerate product development and pave the way for groundbreaking innovations.


AI Project Integration and Change Management

Successfully implementing AI in your organization goes beyond just technical know-how; it requires effective project and change management. Our services extend to managing AI projects from inception to completion, ensuring they align with your strategic objectives. We also focus on the human aspect, guiding your team through the change, addressing concerns, and fostering acceptance. This dual approach guarantees not only the smooth technical deployment of AI solutions but also ensures they are embraced and effectively utilized by your workforce, paving the way for a seamless transition into an AI-enhanced future.


AI Mastery Reskilling and Upskilling Program

Equip your workforce for the AI revolution with our comprehensive reskilling and upskilling programs. We collaborate with your team to pinpoint skill gaps, design customized learning journeys, and seamlessly incorporate AI tools across various skill levels. This initiative is crucial in readying your workforce for AI adoption, boosting productivity, and nurturing a culture of ongoing learning and innovation.

Why Clients Love Us

"Danica's online workshop was well-organized and full of valuable content. She is a knowledgeable and personable presenter, and our audience was highly engaged and enthusiastic. We would highly recommend Danica and her firm for individual OR team training on AI and how it can be utilized for your benefit."

President, American Marketing Association CT Chapter

Dan Liu

ai strategy consulting



Experienced Innovation

With decades of experience in making analytics and AI accessible and profitable, we partner with our clients to identify and implement the most effective strategies for harnessing analytics and generative AI, driving accelerated business value and growth.


Quality is Personal

For us, quality and delivering exceptional value isn't just business; it's personal. We dedicate ourselves to understanding your unique needs, whether you're a thriving business or a forward-thinking professional.


AI and GenAI Specialization

We stand out with our singular focus on AI and GenAI. Unlike competitors who treat AI as a mere component of their offerings, it's our entire universe. This dedication ensures our clients receive the most advanced, effective AI solutions, backed by deep expertise and innovative thinking.


Partner Vested in Your Success

By choosing to work with us, you're gaining a partner deeply invested in your success and in delivering tangible, lasting value to your endeavors.


Our talent has delivered projects at trusted brands around the world

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